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Container booking from door to door service package stages, front transportation, customs clearance, sea transportation and final transportation at the destination is done in accordance with all your organization requirements.

Thanks to our extensive agency network, we are able to provide both your imports and exports. It will suffice to submit your request so that you can benefit from our competitive sea freight and land transportation rates and our high quality service. We communicate with your suppliers in your name and provide all necessary services to your needs in the most appropriate way.

Our Agency Network

We have a wide network of agencies around the world that we offer to our clients. Whatever port of the world we are, we are in a privileged position to provide all kinds of support with our agents.
The distinguished services we provide through our agencies are as follows.
- Obtain the preliminary clearances required for filling the container in the plant
- Positioning the loader of the empty container for filling in the factory
- Full container haulage
- Receipt of customs clearance prior to loading of the container
- Storage when required
- Export / Import documentation services
- Marine freight organization
- Guiding and consulting the installer on the loads and any other requested documentation.


When it is necessary to transfer from a flexitank to another flexitank in an emergency, we can provide transfer service at all Turkish Ports with our fully equipped mobile technical team.

FlexiTank to be used for transfer is manufactured according to international standards and is our own production.
All equipment (pump, hose and other fasteners) to be used during the transfer is your special equipment and will not carry any risk of contamination.
In addition to the above services, we also provide land transportation, port services, surveillance service to determine the cause of leakage and disposal of empty flexitank.


Placing the flexitank in the container is the most important phase of flexitank operation. Care should be taken at the highest level during placement. The materials used during installation are selected from the materials with the highest strength values. All materials used (box profile, MDF and corrugated cardboard) are in accordance with ISPM 15 standards.

Upon request, the company logon can be printed on the flexitank support system. This practice will affect your company's image positively and it will also be a symbol of your client's affection.
The placement of the flexitank in the container is done by our fully equipped and trained staff. After the placement process, the flexitank container is shipped ready to fill the factory. You just connect the filling hose to the flexitank valve and fill your product up.
We have our 'Professional Liability Insurance' policy against the damage caused by placement errors as well as the maximum attention shown during placement of the Flexitank in the container.


Thanks to our large agency network, after the flexitank's on-site evacuation, our agents will ship the empty flexitank to pre-designated disposal depots. With this service, your customers will be relieved of the trouble of eliminating the flexitank.


Polyethylene is a very suitable material for reuse. From an environmental point of view, polyethylene can be considered as an environmentally friendly substance. Polyethylene is a thermoplastic material that can be used repeatedly in the manufacture of other products by melting.

Disposal by Burning

Destruction by burning is a preferred method of disposal. Unloaded and packaged, FlexiTank is shipped to local disposal centers in accordance with local legislation, compliance and incentive burning.

Storage in Waste Storage Area

Another method of disposal is to send to waste storage centers. Remove all valves and flanges on the unloaded flexitank and cut the flexitank to the largest 1 m2. After the slaughter process, the local territory is transferred to the appropriate collection and collection centers.

The cost of disposal varies according to the type of product in the flexitank and the amount of product remaining in the flexitank and the country to be disposed of. Please contact us for further information.


If you have a burden from any Turkish port (Istanbul, Izmir, Mersin, Gemlik, Gebze etc.), if you need port operation service, transit customs transfer service, domestic landfill service, technical support in evacuation, disposal of empty flexitank Please contact us and enjoy the benefit of our quality service.

We can also provide port operation service, transit customs transfer service, domestic land transportation service, technical support in evacuation, disposal of empty flexitank in the most suitable way with your needs thanks to our wide network of agencies in relation to your shipments that you plan to send from Turkey to other world ports..
We are always under the guarantee of the best quality of service and the best cooperation to your requirements.


With more than 15 years experience in Flexitank operation, we can provide all kinds of technical support with our well trained and fully equipped technical team.

If you are loading the flexitank for the first time and you think you need technical support, our technical team will be available at your facility with the necessary equipment and will provide training to your personnel. If you do not want to hire personnel for filling and evacuation, our team will do the filling or evacuation operation in the most appropriate way when you need your name.

In addition to the above services, we also have equipments that can supply you with the equipment (filling / discharging pump, filling / discharging hose and fittings) required for filling.
Thanks to our large agency network, we are able to provide the above mentioned services in other world ports. The above mentioned services are the most important steps of flexitank operation. Choosing to take advantage of our quality services will take you one step ahead of your competitors.


If you have a flexitank installation at any Turkish port (Istanbul, Izmir, Mersin, Gemlik, Gebze) and you need flexitank related surveillance, we are at your service with our experienced and trained technical team. The surveillance report supported by photographs will be prepared in the fastest manner and sent to your address. A service in this quality will be within reasonable limits of your cost.

Obviously, surveillance in flexitank loads requires to be experienced in flexitank operations. We can classify surveillance services as follows.
- Container selection for compliance of container to flexitank loading
- The equipment used in the installation (pump, hose and fittings) is sterile and is monitored for compliance with the product loaded.

In addition to the above services, we have the service to sample from the loaded product and to send your samples to your address in the safest way.

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