is designed for bulk liquid packing having a volume of 1000 liters.

Inner layer is made out of food grade PE covered by outer carton. It is possible to load up to 1500 kgs depending on the specific gravity of the liquid loaded.
Filling and discharging from top valve having a screw cup.

Depending on the customer requirements we also supply with bottom discharging valve.
It is suitable for transport and storage of the products listed below.


Liquid Foods

Liquid Chemicals

Wine Detergents
Juice Machine Oils
Fruit Juice Concentrate Lubricants
Mineral water Transformer Oil
Drinking water Paraffin
Tomato juice Wax
Vegetable Oils Inks
Molasses Paints
Palm Oil Emulsions
Fish oil Fertilizers
Food Oil Latex
Glucose Softeners
Sorbitol Non-Hazardous Chemicals
Fructose Herbicides
Malt Extract
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