Quality Policy

The greatest reward for doing a good job,
has done the job.

We Are A Worldwide Company

We act with the thought that our brand is developing solutions, presenting and setting market standards all over the World. Security, quality, productivity, high performance are our most important tools in our processes. We carry out the continuity of suitability in all levels with open communication, smart targets and legal compliance.

Our Values

We are the members of a productive team acting in good faith and understanding which fulfill its duties against the society environment, law in fairness and honesty.

In This Direction;
+ To increase the satisfaction of all our customers with quality products
+ To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level and manage customer feedback effectively
+ To establish a quality management system aiming to make timely delivery and continuous improvement with effective use of resources
+ To create a participatory and co-ethical management approach by encouraging leadership and employee participation in all our processes
+ Ensuring and enforcing applicable conditions by constantly monitoring the effectiveness of ISO 9001: 2015 The Quality Management System and performing necessary improvements
+ To establish a fast and efficient working system by using all the technological facilities in order to communicate with our suppliers and customers in the most efficient way
It is our primary goal.

+ To become Turkey's and the world's leading producer of industrial packaging for bulk liquid transportation and storage, a logistics service provider and a best-known brand,
+ Together with its employees, it aims to provide customers with products and services with universal quality and standards by ensuring customer satisfaction,
+ To provide customers with value-added and innovative products,
+ Pioneering regulations that allow the logistics services related to bulk liquid transport and storage to be systematically carried out under the name "FLEXITANK OPERATOR",
+ To create a strong brand position,
+ Increasing and expanding the diversity of products and services,
+ Providing the best bulk liquid handling and storage solutions,
+ Using Turkey's and the world's liquid bulk transport and storage growth opportunities in the industrial packaging market,
+ Offering products that allow our customers to spend more time on marketing activities by facilitating export and import shipments,
+ To grow and strengthen agency network worldwide,
+ Gaining a competitive advantage for different customers by producing solutions tailored to their needs,
+ Providing packaging, logistics and service solutions for bulk liquid transport and storage with knowledge, skills and abilities,
+ Identifying market standards for solution development and delivery,
+ To create and direct business opportunities,
+ Investigating possible future developments and quickly apply necessary changes by predetermining them,
+ To believe in the importance of direct and open communication, personality skills, empowerment and create a suitable work environment,
+ Do not compromise business ethics, honesty and quality in the direction of our core values,
+ To manage pre-conditions of competition and value creation,
+ To create differentiation,
+ Creating value for our customers, responding to expectations with quality and stability.
+ To take care of our products and to be with our customers after sales,
+ To act fairly and with mutual benefit in all our relationships with goodwill and understanding, always to abide by laws and ethics,
+ To fulfill our responsibilities to today's people and future generations,
+ For Turkey and the world, to act with environmental awareness and spread this awareness,

Certified success in
production and safety

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