Quality Policy

At Neoflex, providing high quality products that exceed customers’ expectations is our primary goal. In order to achieve this goal, we are constantly conducting tests, analyzes and sampling studies.

Constantly enhancing our products and processes and utilizing cutting edge technologies and methods, we are committed to provide the highest quality possible.

• ISO 9001:2015
• ISO 22000:2018
• ISO 14001:2015
• ISO 45001:2018
• Kosher 2022
• Helal 2019

R&D Policy

We are constantly improving and enhancing our processes in order to fulfill our R&D aims to consistently develop safer, practical, quality and environment friendly products that offer better competitiveness and fulfill 100% of customer requests.

Our R&D team consists of;

  • 1 Prof.
  • 1 PhD
  • 2 PhD (c)
  • 1 MSc (c)
  • 1 BSc
  • 1 Technician

Each year we research and develop new products as per customer requests.